Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

Initial Aesthetic Response
2007/03/23, 13:12
Filed under: Flamenco Violin, Global Music Ed

So I wanted to mention a little bit about my first experiences with flamenco and flamenco violin.

I first listened to Ara Malikian’s music on my discman, walking out of my apartment in Madrid and down to the subway. It had this energy that was indescribable! The sounds, the modality, the virtuosity, and the weeps and sighs from the violin and guitar just overtook me. When I listen to his music, specifically the piece I am doing for this project, I see the colors of “wine” red and like, goldenrod…swirled together! I sometimes get the images of a violin in a dark room with just one light on a stage. I thought it was captivating and so cool!! It altered my step as I was walking down the street to the El Carmen subway stop.

As for an actual flamenco show, I only was able to see one. Most of the ones in Madrid were for tourists, and were expensive! Plus, I would need much more time to be accepted (or even try to be!) into the gitano (gypsy) community where I would even be allowed to go into an actual gitano venue. There are a lot of tensions between the Spaniards and Gitanos…which I will delve into later. I also had been holding out hoping to catch a show with a violinist, but that wasn’t so easy. Most of the ones I found happened within days before I arrived in Spain and after I left to return to New York.
The one I saw in Granada was great though. It was for tourists, but supposedly in the gitano neighborhood (Albaceín ), which had an amazing view of La Alhambra (My banner is a picture I took of Albaceín from La Alhambra the next day). You can visit the webpage at
We were set up in a reproduction of the cueva, or cave part of a house that gitanos traditionally have as part of their homes. Dancing was the focus of the event, even though I was more interested in the music. It was something someone can easily get lost in!! Especially with the counting and clapping.

I miss the subway, walking around town, jamón serrano, and sangría.

Eastern Market Street in Albacein Granada La Alhambra Decoraciones Flamenco Baile Sangr�a


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