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I’m still here! …Flamenco as social justice?
2007/05/03, 13:44
Filed under: Global Music Ed

So I had a brief hiatus… three very busy weeks with rehearsals, concerts (one with Leon Fleischer!!), my own hour recital, projects, presentations, you name it!

But anyways, I’m contintuing focusing on flamenco for another project in Global Music Education, dealing with social justice this time. I want to learn more about the social problems that exist with their culture clashing with Spain and other western ideas about not being nomadic and “democracy” and all these things. What I will be doing is devising a lesson plan (or unit) that will cover flamenco and social justice issues and then having it critiqued by the class. I feel that these issues are important to understand the cultural context of the Roma people.

That being said, I’m interested in trying to find a variety of mediums to explore this. Are there any recommendations for novels, books fiction and non-fiction, articles, movies, shows, plays…other types of art that I can couple with the music and use to help people explore this culture?
I would particularly be interested in showing both sides…so if there’s literature, a movie, or anything else (especially if it’s in Spanish or English) that comes from either the Roma point of view, and/or from an outsider’s point of view, I would love to know!! I think it would be highly valuable to show BOTH sides.


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