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My summer vacation…
2007/08/10, 18:30
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How quickly the summer has flown by. I’ve taken a slight hiatus of researching flamenco due to some of the events of my summer vacation.

1. Worked two weeks at Crane Youth Music, teaching strings and assisting the string faculty.
2. Spent two weeks with my boyfriend in Leon, Mexico visiting family and doing some sight seeing, conducted more research on mariachi violin and the mariachi musicians, and gathered more information about my family tree. Also my boyfriend and I performed for the first time internationally (in a café, where almost all of the audience was my family). Not to mention, we got INCREDIBLY sick.
3. Brought my violin to the shop, can’t wait to get it back and to practice. I miss it already!
4. I’m going on a road trip to Las Vegas, and maybe even Los Angeles, with a stop at the Grand Canyon, and maybe some other spots. Departure time: 11am tomorrow morning.

After that I’ll have to buckle down a bit for student teaching, but hoping that I can still work on the flamenco research. I’m looking forward to working on arranging something for string orchestra or more on my social justice lesson that I made before (which, after reading some of the book, Songs of the Outcasts, I want to edit even more!)
Also I have my arrangement projects of El Son de La Negra, and some wedding tunes to work on. I’m realizing more and more that I’m a project fiend…

Until next time…