Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

A quick hello!
2007/11/15, 02:13
Filed under: Flamenco Violin, Global Music Ed, Thoughts

So the last few months flew by very fast. The autumn has flirted with winter and summer here…strange temperatures and fluctuations…fickle weather of Central New York. One day it is sunny and pushing 60 degrees, when just a few days ago it was beautifully snowing (although nothing stuck). Most of the leaves are off the trees, and there’s that sweet smell of decay in the air. I went to Beaver Lake the other day with my friends and enjoyed a cheery yellow and red carpet on the forest floor.

Fall is my favorite time of the year in New York.

So anyways, student teaching has been quite the experience…and so has applying for graduate schools!
I’ve been trying to work on my arrangement of a mariachi song for string orchestra (and possibly harp, trumpet, voice, and guitar) and soon I will be preparing for presenting some of my research at the SAM conference in San Antonio!

As far as something flamenco related, I’ve heard wind of another flamenco violinist from Kristin Molnar…

That’s all for now! Time for working on graduate applications some more 🙂


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