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Spring Fling!
2008/04/17, 05:15
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And now even more months have passed. SOOO much has happened…

I’ve traveled to the Society for American Music’s conference in San Antonio, visited UCLA, UT-Austin, CDIME’s 9th conference in Seattle, and for pleasure travel, I made it to Boston and New York. PHEW! Talk about some serious jetlag.  Also I learned incredible amounts and gained such valuable experience at the conferences.  San Antonio and Seattle were beautiful, and I was able to learn about everything from Salsa and  Samba beats, to Native American music, shape note singing, conjunto music, and much more.

Also, I have accepted the offer to go to UCLA for graduate school, where I will focus more on Latin American/Native American music. And the next 4-5 years are becoming more concrete…

Otherwise, I have been teaching middle school orchestra in a suburb outside of Syracuse, NY. Teaching can definitely be rewarding and VERY draining, however it has given me a chance to work on two more arrangements of mariachi tunes and to grow as an educator. That’s about it for now, will check in again soon!