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Syracuse International Film Festival…continued
2008/05/04, 05:48
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So, on Thursday, my friend and I headed out to the Landmark Theater to see some Italian films.

First of all, I’ve known of the Landmark since I was a kid…(there’s also the Bruce Coville book, The Ghost in The Third Row, about the supposed woman who haunts the place), HOWEVER I have never gone to it until this week. Gorgeous! It’s such a neat and fascinating, and lavish piece of Syracuse’s heritage. The feature film we went to see was Rosso come il cielo, which was AMAZING. It was so very touching, imaginative, colorful…I loved the lighting and the shots, it was very rich! It’s based on a true story of a famous sound effects editor in Italy, who became blind as a child. This is his story (which they said stuck very close to the truth) of overcoming adversity and a corrupt education system for blind students. (It left me with similar impressions/feelings/emotions that Les Choristes does). To top it off, the main character, Luca Capriotti, was there for a Q&A after the movie. The q&a was followed by a reception with Italian cookies from a local pastry, and Tara and I were able to find Luca and chat a little bit (well, she did more of the chatting since she knows Italian). It’s a pity I didn’t have my camera!

(Luca in a photo taken at another festival, from

After the showing, there were two Italian shorts. The first one, La Passeggiatta della Scettico, was okay…thought provoking but a bit confusing. The following second one, Crossing the Line, was DEFINITELY not my favorite. Long, quiet…just views of a train. Interesting idea for a story…NOT an interesting movie to see. I saw plenty of those views myself when I backpacked Europe and I would have liked to have seen more than flat out footage of looking out a train window for 57 minutes. By then it was late, and we had to work at school the next day, so we were unable to stay for the third.


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