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Friday-Syracuse International Film Festival
2008/05/07, 04:05
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Okay, so it’s a few days later, but I was busy so cut me some slack 😉

The last movies we saw were “Lineage of Voice,” a documentary by Yeon-ah Paik about two prodigy Pansori singers from South Korea, and their sacrifices they make to attain a high status at such a specific and demanding art form.

(a scene for a Pansori piece, Chunhyangga, from

I think being a music major only made it that much more interesting. The two children she interviews are so bright, cheery…and seem to have had to grow up in ways much faster than other kids their age. Both fathers have quite a strange relationship with their Pansori art form, and that was very disturbing and my friends and I felt so concerned and awful for the boys. I really liked this documentary (and so did my other two friends), even though I left feeling a bit down.

The other movie we saw was “All the Invisible Things” (Heile Welt) by Jacoby Erwa . The short that was shown before it was “Cold Joint,” (Slovakia) which Tara and Sierra weren’t as thrilled about, but I felt reading the plot before seeing it was helpful, and I was able to appreciate the message they were aiming to express. All the Invisible Things was from Austria, set in Graz, and was compared to City of God…which I have to admit is the reason why my friend Tara and I decided to see it over other films (along with our friend Sierra who tagged along this evening with us). This movie, WAS NOT that much like City of God, and honestly, I would have never made that comparison (other than it containing disturbed youth, however there are SOO many films with that). I felt like it resembled a kind of mix between Magnolia, American Beauty, and even a dash of Donnie Darko, because it followed several lives (many of family members) and events leading up to tragic events, all the while showing points where their lives and actions intersected. Watching it when you’re tired is NOT recommended. It contains very little dialogue, was very quiet, and felt slow at times. At first I didn’t like it, but then I thought more about how the lack of dialogue really conveyed the sense of the lack of communication between the characters (there were pairs of parents and children, lovers, friends, etc.). Then there was some irony at the end that really made you feel like sometimes, life just screws you over, even when you’re trying to do something positive. In the end, we all approved of this film.

(a picture from the Graz palace, inserted from

Sadly, I could not make it to some of the events on Saturday, or the awards ceremony, but they are listed here:

But of course, as if I hadn’t spent enough in the last week on foreign films, I used the remaining of a Barnes & Noble gift certificate to purchase Volver (Almodóvar) and Osama…two films I saw in Spain and absolutely LOVED!


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