Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

2008/08/30, 17:40
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Well, earlier I wrote how I accepted my UCLA offer, and with school approaching I am in transit of the big move.

It’s pretty overwhelming…and expensive! The original plan was to drive in a two car caravan with Tara, my roommate. Little did I know how expensive that would be for me (seeing as I had to rent a car).

Rental ~$660
Taxes, and insurance, ~$100+
Fees for being under 25 ~ $150 ($35 a day if leaving from New York)

…and then gas on top of that…2691.18 miles at 30mpg…which would be about 90 gallons worth of gas…multiplied by about $3.67/gallon…it’s about $329.22 in gas.

And that’s all if nothing happens and everything goes exactly as scheduled, THEN motels/food/etc. ($20 a day in food…extra $100, then 2-3 nights worth of hotel, ~$90)

TOTAL estimate for renting a car and driving: $1519.22

Not to mention the exhaustion from driving at least 10 hours a day.

So I decided to check into costs for flying.

– 2 plane tickets (for my brother and I) to Las Vegas… $490 (and a free flight back for my brother).

– Catching a ride with Gio’s mom and only having to pay for gas, ~$50-$100.

TOTAL for flying/driving: $590!!! SOLD! Plus we got to see the Grand Canyon from the air

Flying was worth it so I packed up two suitcases, a carry-on, a small purse/bag thing, and my violin case. About 150lbs worth of luggage all together. Funny how much you condense possessions in your life when you have to; how little your life can fit into, and how little you actually need. I met a violinist in Spain who was from Cuba. He wanted to move to Europe to be with his brother, and did so when a Cuban orchestra toured Northern Europe. He packed a few days worth of underwear into his violin case, told his colleagues he was running out to catch some breakfast before rehearsal, and never went back. The violinist and his brother were fantastic musicians (his brother taught a children’s choir) and we still keep in touch off and on

So off to spend a day or so in Vegas before the last leg. Tara met up with us here and is on her way to LA with her sister already. We’re bound to leave in about an hour and a half.

I went to the strip with my brother yesterday. No gambling, thank goodness! We walked down from the sign near Mandalay Bay to Treasure Island, and only spent money on a bit of food and the Titanic exhibit. It’s about 107 degrees the past few days…MUCH more comfortable than the 120 degrees I dealt with last year.
Los Angeles, here we come!