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West L.A. – Day 1
2008/09/01, 08:23
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So I arrived to L.A. last night with Richard, and Gio’s mom and sister: a couple hours after Tara and Suhashini. I missed doing the paperwork so I had to get my keys and do all the signatures this morning.

Advice #1: Never go for what you think is going to be a quick oil change the day of your trip, especially when waiting to get the oil changed might take longer than the trip itself :/ (~3.75 hours for the trip…~5 hours waiting for an oil change).

Hmmm…It’s 4am NY time…and 1am CA time. I haven’t been able fall asleep or sleep in due to jetlag and the normal stresses from moving. They talked about homesickness when I went to study abroad, but this time around it’s way worse (I hardly remember feeling this way when I moved to Madrid). As exciting as being in a new place is, it’s exhausting!! Everything is new, everywhere is unfamiliar, and your brain just goes on overload.

Today, however, brought some exciting things. The apartment is pretty much what I expected and has a great location (4 buses come by that take me up to campus!) There’s a Vons, Whole Foods, and Ralph’s grocery within walking distance, and a CVS. Tara, Richard, and I searched out a Walgreen’s and a Target to scope out prices. Meanwhile, up near Walgreen’s, we saw a thrift shop and figured we’d stop in just to peek. BEST DECISION EVER! A nice table with 4 chairs… $75. Awesome pair of boots… $20 (so I splurged, big deal!) Tara and I got a table cloth and some pretty place mats and cloth napkins to match to celebrate such a wonderful find. We literally picked it up as the owners dropped it off.

And the $$$ count is…

$40 spent on gas from Las Vegas -> Los Angeles.

$61 for my share at the thrift shop.

$140 spent b/t Target & Walgreen’s on a bookcase, two pillows, a towel, and other things to share for the apartment.
Total $$$ spent in moving across country so far… $731. However, I still need a bed and a desk 😦

Apartment & neighborhood pictures to come. Lack of sleep has finally caught up with me today!


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