Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

2008/09/05, 07:11
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Well, today seemed like it would be an easy day.  Yesterday I got my UCLA ID card, and figured today was a hang out day…maybe back to campus to show Tara and Richard around…maybe to the beach…or at least to the pool.

Never happened.

Today started, unfortunately, with learning of the untimely and awful news of the death (murder) of Javier, Gio’s stepfather.  Talk about this stuff happening more and more as you grow older.  It was really awful and this weekend I’m flying back to NYC for the funeral.  It’s not even my first real weekend across the country and I’m already experiencing the pain of being so far away from family and friends in times of need.

RIP Javier.

The rest of the day was Tara and Jessie running around Westwood and as far as almost Glendale to pick up a bed frame and 2 mattresses we found on craigslist.  Talk about wiped!!  We made out with a twin bed frame for free (met a guy from NYC who had a Syracuse cap…told me how much he liked how they were made), a mattress for $20 and another mattress for $40.  Not bad.  Total spent on furniture… $150 between the two of us.  I’ve lost count of everything else!!  Tara said…close your eyes and pay the credit card bill.  Hah.

Anyways…ADVICE #2..when buying furniture from craigslist which you plan to move yourself:

Bring tools!!… swiss army knives, allen keys, screw drivers, a hammer, twine or rope (which you can buy at CVS for ~$4…the kind for hanging laundry on), and bungy cords…AT LEAST.  We needed all of that today to take apart the furniture and pack it into the car.  Knowing some good knots would be handy too.  We had to make two trips with mattresses tied to the top of the car, but surprisingly we did really well with them!

Also…bring a cold drink and eat a good breakfast.

So far, downtown Westwood is reminding me of ritzy parts of Queens (and Westwood Blvd is like Austin St. in Forest Hills)…I’m not hating LA, despite how everyone jokes about how much it sucks.

Thankfully, I’m off to sleep on a mattress tonight…no more crashing on the floor.


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