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Santa Ana
2008/09/06, 06:24
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So today we went to Santa Ana…FINALLY!  The morning began with us sleeping in (seeing as how we FINALLY got mattresses!!), then a hearty brunch, and we were off!

Santa Ana was beautiful…although the drive was pretty ugly.  TONS of traffic (at 1:30pm and as late as 9:30pm)…took over an hour to drive about ~30 miles.  Then there were giant power plants or something that were not a pretty view.

We got to the cultural center in Santa Ana and met a guy named Carlos.  We hit up the Gypsy Café (hip place) for a bite (a lemon square that rivaled those of Potsdam’s Cookies and Cream!!) before Carlos gave us a tour around Santa Ana and in the Mexican parts of town.  For a dinner, we ate some El Salvadorean food (my first time)…pupusas, Salvadorean style tamales, some fruit flavored drinks, and maduros!  Carlos knew practically everyone and told us funny gossip about half of them 🙂 We returned back to the cultural center where Richard, Tara, and I listened to a rehearsal of Son Jarocho music.  The musicians graciously taught us Jarana chords and invited us to join them.  It was such a wonderful feeling to be learning a new instrument and jamming right away!  My favorite song was “Busca Pies” (Foot looker…weird translation).

Here is an example of the song (NOT the people I learned from)…

All in all…Santa Ana was very warm, welcoming, and awesome to us!  Enjoy the photos.  I’m off to sleep before my flight to NYC tomorrow.


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