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Hurricane/TS Hannah…NYC…Santa Monica
2008/09/09, 05:59
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Saturday morning I left for NYC for Javier’s funeral.  I spent a total of 24.5 hours in NYC before I was on the plane to return to the Pacific Coast.  The trip there was awful…American Airlines decided to still have us land in the remnants of Hurricane Hannah which made for the SCARIEST flight of my life!  Had I not been buckled in, I probably would have hit the roof and been thrown clear across the plane (lengthwise).

It was weird to be so far away but to still feel at home.  I’m so familiar with where Gio’s family is in NYC that it didn’t phase me.  It’s funny how many places begin to feel like “home.”  The calling hours were really sad (as they would be), and I just hope being there provided some extra comfort and support for Gio and his family.  All in all, this is the 6th death I’ve dealt with in some way this year, and it’s just as hard to see other people suffer as it is to deal with your own pain.

RIP Javier…you were a great man, friend, and father.

Today was a little more upbeat.  Woke up, had (vegan) pancakes, and went to Santa Monica Beach with Richard and Tara.  The beach is nice, I can’t wait to just go there and relax for a day, but it’s nothing like the Lake Ontario beach I grew up with.  Some might argue it’s a “real” beach, but I guess that it’s all relative 🙂

Richard’s flight to Portland was around 3, so we only had a little time there.  The apartment seems lonely without having Richard or Tara’s sister around.  Tara and I tend to enjoy company (and cooking for them).  After the third day straight day of going to LAX, Tara and I did some biking around the neighborhood.  It wasn’t so bad, but we stuck to the sidewalks rather than the road.

Let me take this moment to reiterate how CRAZY the drivers are here.  Only Mexico City has topped it in my experience of insane traffic and driving habits.  The thing is that in LA, most of it is unnecessary aggression.

Advice #3:  Always use your blinkers and avoid driving like a maniac.  City driving is different from NASCAR, and cutting ahead of one more car makes squat of a difference in terms of where you’re going when there’s a traffic light that’ll catch you anyways.  Chill out.

Advice #4:  Don’t be a jerk on airplanes.  Don’t yell when you have your headphones on and if the person infront of you asks you to stop hitting their seat consistently, just say you’re sorry and STOP IT!!  Don’t argue.  It’s public space that is very cramped.  Be aware of those around you and how what you do affects them.  HAVE COMMON COURTESY.  Otherwise, I might throw my empty soda can at you 😉  At least I would have liked to at the guy in the aisle next to me.  I felt really bad for the man in front of him.


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