Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

2008/09/12, 07:54
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Yep.  Ants.

After getting here, running ourselves ragged every day, having to fly home to NYC for a funeral for 24.5 hours, fly back, and continue running random errands, Tara and I came home to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of ants running around in an L shape in the bathroom.

And just to think we were beginning to feel like our apartment was empty :/

We tried making our own Borax (after trying 4 places that DID NOT sell it!!) and sugar water elixirs for them.  I hate killing ants, but there’s no other way to get around it.  (Every play SIM ANT?  Oh man, I loved that game.  Good ol’ post-Oregon Trail days)  We’re PRAYING it works before they decide to venture into other places (ie. bedrooms and the kitchen!)  Chili powder seems to be containing them in the bathroom.  White vinegar worked for a bit, but not very long.  Some were brave, scouting souls and ventured over it.


Besides the infestation, yesterday went pretty well.  Sh’non (Shannon) came over for dinner. We spent many hours reminiscing about Crane/Potsdam days, teaching moments, and enjoyed good food.

The menu:

• A scrumptious strawberry and gouda salad with Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar (thanks to Trish’s lovely card!!)

• Pasta with basil pesto, zucchini, corn, and bacon

• Chocolate mousse with strawberry garnish, and

• A nice (cheap) bottle of Merlot.

Other positives…a desk for Tara ($60) and I ($16), and some very fun thrift shopping (Out of the Closet, which contributes to AIDS, the Council Thrift Store, and the UCLA Thrift Shop).  All in all, I got a blouse, two denim skirts, brown dress shoes, a brand new bathing suit, a t-shirt, a bottle opener, and a three hole punch for about $33.  I’ll never buy anything full-price again!!

Oh…and by the way…tiny little brown ants in Southern California don’t like Raspberry Jam.

Somehow these things always turn out humorous when you’re finished with them!  Until then I will sleep in fear of tiny brown ants attacking me like the ones did to the villain in the latest Indian Jones flick.

Sweet Dreams.


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