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A Day of Respite and Recyclables.
2008/09/14, 21:35
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After two weeks I have finally come to a day where I didn’t have a major errand to run.  The ants have subsided, for the most part, and I put my desk together last night in a second wind that lasted until 3am.  I fixed both internet connections (after 5.5 hours on the phone with tech support…which provided minimal assistance and I still had to figure it out on my own), and Tara and I picked up a TV stand on Friday.  At 6:45, Tara and I finally made it to Steve’s birthday bash at Corona Del Mar beach, fashionably late by 5.5 hours thanks to tech support and other errands gone awry.  I’ve never seen a beach so PACKED but it was nice to get out of the apartment and meet some new people.  Everyone was friendly so Tara and I didn’t feel like outsiders.  S’mores were a plus too 🙂

Plans for today?  RELAX!  Practice violin.  Remain vigilant over any rogue ants.  Maybe catch a flick at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival with Tara (if not, later this week).

Here in L.A., there are definitely a lot of homeless people roaming the streets.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition of the enormous wealth that surrounds here.  In all areas, the homeless come and collect bottles and recyclables; sometimes ask for change.  I suppose due to the consistent and temperate weather that it’s easier to survive without permanent shelter here.  One guy I ran into offered some advice about the ants and told us about when he lived in Mexico and had his place infested with ants.  Another guy in particular I’ve seen frequently in my neighborhood.  He comes with a shopping cart and garbage bags and collects bottles for the return.  He’s a tall, slender, and smiling man.  Sings.  Dances when people aren’t watching (but I can see from my window 🙂 ).  Tara and I passed him once after a bike trip to the grocery store.  We use little bells to warn pedestrians we’re coming, and whereas most people are startled or annoyed by that, he joked that he thought he was hearing bells in his head.  Well, this morning I saw him outside my window at the garbage and the new recycling bins (something we didn’t have before, but Tara and I requested that the City Government enroll our complex in the program).  Tara and I had a bunch of recyclables under the sink and I decided to run them down to him.  He told me he stops by almost every day and was incredibly thankful.  A warm man: he wore an apron and gloves, and a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap; his face weathered a bit from the elements of life.  Despite his situation, he was polite, friendly, and happy.

Walking back up to the apartment, I remembered a humid, 90+ degree day when I bought a piece of pizza and an XL lemonade for a man in NY.  He used to sit by the 481-N off ramp to Route 31, although I hadn’t seen him in a few years and I still wonder if he’s even still alive.  People yelled awful things out of their cars while they waited for the light, even though this man wasn’t soliciting them, just chatting with me about how he became homeless.  It really made me disgusted with how some people are and how they treat others.  How much people forget that they’re not much different from everyone else.  How much they alienate people based on materialistic “standards.”  Their disregard towards those whose lives do not resemble their own, and how often they unnecessarily lashed out at him verbally.  What did they know about him?

Today I was reminded what it’s like to help someone because it’s the right thing to do, because no one is subhuman, and not every homeless person deserves their situation.  Ever hear the cliché phrase, “not everything in life is fair”?  It’s cliché for a reason.


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