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Small town girl goes out for a $132.50 movie & coffee in Hollywood
2008/09/19, 08:53
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So life seems to finally be settling down in Los Angeles for Tara and I.  Yesterday, we actually had time to do things in the apartment (clean, do laundry, dishes, organize, etc.)  I’ve never been so happy to stay at home and do chores!!  Also, after great persistence on our parts, the rabid ants diminished yet again after a sudden surge (up to ~300-400); their decline happened just in time for the pest control representative to make it to our apartment and witness the aftermath of 8 tiny, brown, bodies left behind in our bait dish.  Just a few days too late :/

As I mentioned earlier there was the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival going on this week.  Of course, there were a ton of films Tara and I wanted to see, but between errands, bus schedules, and how much $$ we could afford to spend, we chose to see two tonight.  That quickly became one film when traffic and finding parking made us 40 min later than it should have.

Ahh, Hollywood.  West Hollywood to be exact.  The Egyptian and Chinese Theaters.  Walk of the Stars.  Hey, I passed Harrison Ford’s, Thomas Edison’s, and Fritz Kreisler’s stars!!!  All for the price tag of $132.50.

Let me explain…

$3.40 for a coffee beforehand (killing time after we were late for the first film).

$8 for the movie (we saw Oscar: Una Pasión Surrealista..great..we both gave it the highest rating we could.  A very heavy, Spaniard film.  Similar vibe to El Mar Adentro.  A compelling story line; interesting parallels drawn between the main characters and the coincidences of their lives.  Completely different pacing than that of most American movies, which is something to get used to).

$121.10 for HALF of the towing fee and ticket.

That’s right.  Apparently, if a sign in RED is marked over a RED ZONE on the sidewalk saying that it’s a tow away zone from 6pm-3am in Los Angeles…it DOES NOT refer to the “red zone,” IT’S THE ENTIRE STREET (and EVERY OTHER street in Hollywood)!!!!  I haven’t even seen things like that in NYC or Queens.  Wonderful.  And the streets were PACKED with people who, like us, thought they were LEGALLY parked.  Thankfully…Tara and I were together, I had my cell phone, and the towing place was in walkable distance (and nothing happened to us getting there!)  Whatever you do…DO NOT PARK in Hollywood…UNLESS it’s parking you paid for BEFOREHAND at one of the $8-$10 lots.

I typically have felt in the past that I could adapt in cities.  I lived in Madrid for four months and could maneuver very well.  I learned a lot of street smarts from Gio in Madrid and the projects of Queens.  Got the hang of Syracuse in the last year.  Tonight though, I felt like Millie in the musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie.  A small town girl in a city much larger than her!  Go figure…she was from Salina, Kansas, and I’m from Syracuse (Salina~45,000 people, Syracuse Metro area ~ 730,000+, however both names have similar meanings).  What a coincidence.  Especially since the movie, Oscar, had them as a central theme.  Life is one big coincidence.

Time for some home made banana cake with ganache and a refreshing beverage.  Grad orientation early tomorrow.


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Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

Comment by Rick Boyer

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