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Routines & DIY
2008/09/24, 01:21
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So the last few days have seemed to go by in a whirlwind.  There have been intermittent, mass invasions of ants.  Errands to run.  I formally introduced myself to the man I give our recyclables to; his name is Warren.  I also had the general graduate student orientation and spent yesterday running around on campus to get nit-picky things done with bank accounts, loan deferments, prescription transfers, and so on.  I’m finally feeling like a college student again.  There’s this routine and pace of life that’s different than when I was living at home and teaching.  Occassionally, I wake up to a dream of being back in Syracuse, similar to how I would wake up in Madrid and vice versa once I was back in the states.  Madrid, however, was a long-term “vacation,” and UCLA and Los Angeles are much more permanent.  I miss the teacher lifestyle (and definitely all my family and friends at home), but the familiar pace of the student life is helping me to acclimate to L.A.

The other night, Tara and I watched Pleasantville (which was filmed not too far from here in Malibu).  It was her first time seeing it.  I just love this movie because it is so deep and raises so many issues from personal, to societal, to racial, to political: it’s about breaking out of routines and comfort zones and creating new ones.  It made me consider my routines, and those of others, and those that you’re taught as an education major that children crave, and the fact that I’m in such a transition made it seem all that more poignant to me.  Of course I was drawing parallels left and right to political and economic situations we’re in now.  If I were to teach a seminar about LIFE, I would include Pleasantville in my list of required movies to watch.

Today, Tara and I finally set up her dividers for her room. The total cost of her dividers?  $3.  The $3 was the cost for the man down at the hardware store to cut the wood for us which we used as feet to stabalize the antique shudders.  We designed them, measured them, and nailed and glued them ourselves.  They work wonderfully!  I also bought some sand paper and wax to fix the cheap-o-desk that I purchased from CVS.  I am now able to open the drawer without breaking a sweat or toppling the desk over.  I’ve also done a lot of DIY things with the ants (which only works to an extent seeing as how their nest isn’t indoors, and we don’t have control over what’s going on outside).

I’m realizing it’s not very common for people to dive into researching issues like that.  Despite having dealt with them for most of their lives, our landlords are completely ignorant on the subject, and the pest guy didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.  Go figure.  At least it’s reassurance that pursuing a research based field is the right thing for me to do, no matter how quirky!

There’s just something wonderfully satisfying when you can say…I did it myself.

Off to make a favorite Korean dish for dinner: rice, stirfry, kimchi and egg!  And for some nuggets of joy (as my theory professor, Dr. Gregory Wanamaker used to say back in P’dam), I leave you with some photos from UCLA’s campus!


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