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Flights, flights, and more flights.
2008/10/23, 03:10
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It’s midterm season…I’ve been MIA due to a healthy double dose of work and having had Gio visit two weekends ago.

Having Gio here was great, although it wasn’t long enough.  We were able to celebrate our 4 year (well, 3 years and 11 months) anniversary together.  For our dinner, Gio took me out to Bubba Gump on the Santa Monica Pier because he knows I love the movie Forrest Gump (and he has always wanted to go to the Pier because he would watch the Lost Boys all the time…something I’ve never seen and don’t have a clue about).  We got off the bus at the wrong stop, so we had a LOOOONNG romantic walk down the beach in almost complete darkness.  Hah, whoops!

Besides that, I’ve just been doing work, work, work, and trying to find deals for the holidays for flights, which I’m finally finished with.

FYI: For flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas… $769.10.  Ouch, talk about a chunk out of my savings.  Looks like next year I’ll be having a sunny, palm tree filled Christmas  😦

Advice #7(8,9,10? I forget):  When you move out of state, DON’T EXPECT YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS TO BE HONORED.  I had one that should have lasted until February.  I spoke with my doctor about how I was moving, I spoke with a representative at the graduate student orientation here, I spoke with the pharmacist here…NOWHERE along the line was there even a hint that my prescription would not be honored from New York.  Go figure.  I found out only when I was trying to refill it a week before I needed it.

Alright, I’m hitting the books!

Celebrating four years at the Santa Monica Pier

Celebrating four years at the Santa Monica Pier


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