Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

Mariachi Jam
2008/10/26, 19:43
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Yesterday a colleague from the mariachi group, Sally, invited me over to practice some of our mariachi repertoire (I guess you can consider us the noobs in the group, relatively)…anyways, it turned into an entire day with a circus atmosphere!

First we went to Candelas Guitar shop, which was awesome (and of course I did some browsing for Gio since I’ve become an amateur guitar expert ever since meeting him).  Amazingly enough, they had a backyard mariachi bash that day, so we had some Mexican food with music.  Then we went off to order some moños (little bowties to wear with our trajes). East LA was a great mix of Mexico, Roosevelt Ave in Queens, and California palm trees!

Back to Santa Monica to practice, with lots of crazy LA driving and her 13 year old son and friends being goofy middle schoolers.  As a refresher, Sally made me some iced coffee blended with butterfinger ice cream…very tasty!  Definitely a day with a circus/zoo vibe.

When the day ended, my face hurt from smiling and laughing and speaking in Spanglish.  I’ve decided I really need to get out more on Saturdays!!

Time for work and the LA Galaxy game on TV 🙂


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