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Trying to catch up!!
2008/11/16, 02:08
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So I haven’t posted in a while.  I still owe a post about Día de Los Muertos with photos and whatnot, and also I have some amazing photos from when my mother and I went to the Griffith Observatory.
Ugh.  Grad school is tough though…My friends who began last year would tell me how tough it is, how dumb you feel, and just how intense it gets.  My professors are great, my cohort is great, yet it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with myself.  At least it’s only about a week and a half until Thanksgiving break…hopefully I’ll catch up by then, and be able to have some days to relax with Gio and his family.  Just when I thought I was having a bad day today too, Warren (the guy I give my recyclables to) waved hello to me.  It really cheered me up that me reaching out and getting to know him was being reciprocated, and that he was reaching out to me.  Big cities…graduate school…even this age, I think a lot of people struggle with feeling alone, even though they are not, and it was nice to have a neighbor.  🙂

I did have some bad news today, about a friend’s sister passing away (she was either in my grade or a grade above or below me).  She was 23, my age, and died from cancer.  She was keeping an insightful blog, and I read some of it today.  It kind of puts things in life in perspective, and I feel like that is really important to do from time to time.


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hey we had that really good talk about this the other day and I keep coming back to this. It sums up a really good amount of how i’m feeling over here. I’m going to Japan in a week and a half. I’m so excited to get out of this place even for 4 days.

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