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Akwesasne and Dog Rescue
2008/12/21, 23:04
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Whoo…busy few days.

Thursday, I visited the middle school where I taught last year.  It was great to visit the students and former co-workers…I kind of wanted to just stay!  I was so glad I could visit some of the schools I worked at last year.  As much as I love being a student again, I miss teaching.

On Friday, Gio, my Mother, our puppy Oliver, and I traveled north, despite the threatening winter weather that was scheduled to hit CNY.  I was able to go visit one of the Akwesasne schools and attend their holiday concert (Christmas songs and skits in English and Mohawk) and learn about the Mohawk immersion program.  It was really exciting and Margaret Peters was amazingly helpful and informative.  I came home with plenty of resources and I’m looking forward to diving in on my master’s thesis 🙂  The drive home was pretty crazy though…we stopped in Potsdam, saw Jay at The Fields (I’m sorry, I will never call it Jake and Weezie’s or whatever the name was changed to), then drove the rest.  A 2.5 hour drive took over 4 hours with all of the snow!

Today, Gio and I volunteered to help with the Dog Rescue Railroad.  This was my third time and Gio’s first.  The Dog Rescue Railroad is a network of people who help rescue pets from kill shelters, and volunteer a few hours of a day and drive 60-90 mile legs.  Today, the dogs we helped save were from Indiana and Ohio.  So far, I have helped save 15 dogs and puppies (with the help of Gio and Sierra, and many other fantastic people!)  Here are some photos of the dogs we transported today…

To read more about how you can help dogs like this, visit:


or search “Dog Rescue Railroad” on Yahoo! Groups.


I am inspired….
2008/12/14, 05:49
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A very interesting project…not that Tara and I will go that extreme in our grocery shopping, but am definitely inspired to think about it in a different way.

Also, I keep going to
and also look at pets needing to be adopted…I think I am going through animal withdrawal in Los Angeles. I am thrilled to see squirrels on campus. I’m considering adopting an adult dog or at least volunteering at a shelter nearby…
Especially during a time when many people have had to give up their family pets. I don’t know what I would ever do if I was faced with that decision.

And talking about favorite links I would have to say my favorite to buy classical music is…
Awesome deals….hard to find CDs…and a SMALL business whose president will actually reply to you, personally, when you have a problem. When I was studying classical violin, I bought almost everything from here 🙂 CDs are the new vinyl right? Collector’s items?

Anyways, I’m off to relax with my mother after a successful day of Christmas gift shopping.

Way past due!!
2008/12/10, 08:29
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Okay, so I’m FINALLY done with finals and papers…wow, talk about an intensive last few weeks.

In reverse order…

• Tomorrow I’m BOUND for NEW YORK!  Excited to see family, friends, previous students, and SNOW!!!

• A few days ago I saw Jay Leno driving an antique car (my first celebrity sighting…is that like a rite of passage when you live in LA?)

• Advice #8:  When you live across the country, sometimes it’s easier to NOT travel on Thanksgiving.  Granted, I only flew to Texas rather than NY (and it was worth it to see Gio, and his cousin and sister)…but a bit taxing when the last week of classes was RIGHT after, TONS of projects were assigned, and a crazy mother-in-law was involved.  Next year, I will stay in LA and relax…do hw…have Gio over for a few days…AND SLEEP IN every day 🙂

• I attended Rin’s hour recital down in Long Beach…I had a great time with her, Lisa, and her friends and family and it was crazy how there were two more Cranies in Los Angeles!!  I miss them and am looking forward to sight reading some quartets come spring and summer 🙂

• When my mother was here, we had a good time going to Santa Monica Beach and the Griffith Observatory.  On our way to Griffith, we had stopped for lunch at a café where my mother saw Christina Aguilera (although I didn’t even realize it was her!! Kind of ironic).  I wouldn’t have approached her either way, but her music is totally a guilty pleasure of mine 🙂  When we were leaving the Observatory, we also saw a WILD COYOTE!!  He just kind of almost walked into us, and gave us this look like, “who the heck are you?!”  All in all, a great time, and I was glad my mother could come out here!

• Reaching WAAAYY back was Día De Los Muertos, which I spent in Santa Ana.  It was awesome!  We started the day at El Centro, playing some more Son Jarocho music, and I felt like I was catching on some more and hope to be able to go back!  At the festivities, I really liked watching the dancers/musicians, buying gifts for people, and just soaking it all up.  I have dreamed of going to a celebration like this since Mrs. Resnick’s class in 7th grade Spanish 🙂  The one in Santa Ana is supposedly one of the best in Southern California too.  There was just something about the drumming and the dancing that pulled me in…It was cool to have the drums rattle my rib cage, and it made me feel like I was internalizing them even more, but it wasn’t just the drums, it was a slice of my heritage.

Well….enjoy the photos!  I’m off to finish packing and get some shuteye….preparing myself for a drastic change in temperature!