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2009/01/07, 07:51
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Classes started today…I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous of my friends still on the semester system, but at least this quarter seems bearable and interesting (not that last quarter wasn’t, but the adjustment was pretty tough).

The trip back west went pretty well yesterday.  Took the obnoxiously early flight from JFK – LAX (I forgot that American Airlines charges for checked bags…even just for one…and in my half-asleep stupor I was pretty annoyed, but other than that things were fine).  I sat next to a woman who was friendly, we talked for a minute, and then we both went to reading books and taking naps.  Talk about a great person to sit with!!  I wish all rides were as smooth and had as considerate people as that one.  Granted, most of the plane slept the entire way.

It was tough to leave family, friends, and especially Gio at the airport.  I have to admit, long distance relationships are tough, but it has been worth every minute of it.  Luckily, Gio was able to catch an earlier flight home as stand-by for  $0.10 (the difference in taxes or something…payable in cash only!! 🙂   )  Unfortunately, his bag was sent to Aruba instead of Austin!

So anyways, when I landed in LAX, it was a weird sensation.  The weather here is BEAUTIFUL… it felt like the day in the spring time in NY…typically around Easter time, when it’s the FIRST day that the weather is just undeniably fantastic.  At a place like Potsdam, it’s the first day you look around and see EVERYONE has an excuse to be outside in the sun.  Playing sports.  Reading.  Walking.  Talking.  Practicing their instruments.  Eating.  Lounging around in the quads.  The first day you feel like life suddenly blossomed.  Or the first time you notice that the buds on the trees actually became leaves!  Then I realized that people who are from places like Los Angeles and have never lived in a 4-seasons region just don’t get that feeling or experience, and I’m really glad I do!  The last two days I’ve had an extra spring in my step 🙂

Okay, and to end this post, I will share my New Year’s Resolutions.

a) Try my best to adhere to a consistent, healthy sleep schedule. In bed between 10:30pm-12am (which gives me 24 minutes!)  I spent all last year teaching going to bed anywhere from 12am – 5am.  None of my other teaching friends did this.  Yes, I know I was crazy.  The miracle is, I never drank coffee or became a coffee drinker…and I made it through every day off sheer adrenaline and whatever else.  Granted, I spent many of my lunch periods napping.  Weeks of mid-terms and finals might require some fudging of this, but hopefully not!

b) Consistently practice Yoga again…perhaps even join a class at UCLA.  This is contingent with resolution a, and my hope is to wake up between 7am and 9am to practice yoga before classes.  This will give me the exercise I’ve always enjoyed, keep my endorphines up, and reduce stress.

c) Complete more of my reading and school work at school/in the library. Less distractions.  More of a relaxing vibe at home.  Enough said.

and finally…

d) Volunteer at the Lange Foundation down the street. I am severely deprived of animals (seeing as how I’ve never NOT had a pet in my life, and I really miss being around animals.  Heck, when I don’t think anyone is looking, I stare at and talk to the squirrels on campus sometimes!)  I also am worried about adopting a pet due to limited funds and uncertainty of where I’ll have an apartment next year.  I would be completely devastated if I had to give up a pet due to something as much of a nuisance as strict landlords.  I hope they’ll understand I’m a graduate student and not mind that it might be only a few hours a week and the availability changes frequently with the quarter system.


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Those sound like GREAT resolutions! My resolutions include: taking charge of my health, finding more time for myself and sending more letters and cards to friends….e-mail is cool, but hand written letters are more personal. :o) I’m very proud of you best friend! You’ve been able to accomplish so much in your young life and travel the world. XoXo!

Comment by Lauren Carpenter

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