Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

2009/01/23, 08:59
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Today was quite the adventure, and a very long day…and one of those days when you can’t just seem to be punctual enough for buses!

I start the day off by sleeping in until 8:15am.  *#&$*&@$!  I’m supposed to catch the Culver City bus down to the downtown bus to get to China town by 8:49am.  I somehow make it out by quarter of…having shoveled cheerios into my mouth in about 5 minutes flat.

Bus #1 passes by me as I am running (with all of my heavy books and crap) down the street.  I could have caught it, but some guy walked out in front of me at the newsstand, cutting me off, making me miss the crosswalk just to watch the bus drive away.

Double *#&$*&@$!

So I catch the Santa Monica Blue Bus, which after paying twice as much for a transfer, I realized it doesn’t go as far south as I need it to.  I hop off, and walk down a few blocks.  I see the city bus at the light.  Crap.  I had to race across the street and to the bus stop.  I made it.  Though it would probably have been worth it to wait until the next Culver City Bus (which passed me as I was about 2 blocks from where I was headed).

Whoops. It was the 33 and not the 333. It stopped somewhere in the middle of downtown (Main/6th)…and I had to haul butt up to Chinatown to meet Morit (I did 1.5 miles in about 30 min…and that’s including time waiting at lights to cross…having to cross twice when sidewalks were closed…and carrying several pounds of books and my lunch). I could have taken the 333, but then I would have spent the change I needed to get back to school.


I somehow arrived at César Chavez and Broadway as Morit’s bus was pulling up.  We go…try to find Chinese dresses for the New Year’s event we’re performing in this weekend.  After searching some shops and taking advice from some locals, we find a place that’s a) not too expensive and b) has our sizes.  We proceed to grab a bite to eat and head back to UCLA.

Bus #3…Passed us.  We went running down César Chavez/Sunset….but it left before we could manage to get there. Triple *#&$*&@$!

Bus #4 comes and we got to campus at 2:30pm.  Ugh, at the end of class (Quadruple *#&$*&@$). The coin machine on the bus wasn’t working and I didn’t have to pay to get back west after all.  Go figure, I could have used that to take another bus to avoid walking for 1.5 miles.  Hah. Oh well. I guess that gave me some exercise to substitute for not doing Yoga this week. :/

I was a little miffed at myself for missing class, but overall the day was quite an adventure. I really didn’t mind walking so much, and I was excited because today it was cloudy and it RAINED!!  I miss the rain and the air felt so much cleaner.  Plus the partly-cloudiness creates this depth to the sky that is aesthetically appealing to me.  Morit and I had a lot of fun in Chinatown and gabbing all day, plus we both found outfits for under $20.  Mission accomplished.

I’m really enjoying Chinese Ensemble…I had never known much about Chinese music before, but Ching Yi and Morit play in it, so when ChingYi told me to join, I figured…Why not!?  So here I am, playing erhu and cymbals.  The music from rehearsal today is still in my head 🙂  I also realize how much I love the wide range of timbral effects and the wonderfully delicate sound that it has (well….except for my cymbals!).

Anways, there’s SOO much to do in the next few  days.  Saturday, I will perform with the mariachi group (my first time! About 8 of the 10 songs are memorized) downtown, and the Chinese ensemble for the Chinese New Year (Happy year of the Ox!), going straight from one to the other, and having to juggle between three instruments and three outfits.  🙂

Later, I have pictures to post from Chinatown and when Tara and I went hiking Monday in the Santa Monica Mountains…


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Wow, you’re a great writer! Your blog is very interesting and I hope you continue it! I had a few good laughs at this one…I can’t remember when the last time I took a bus was, over 12 years ago fo sho, but I recall the hassle it can be (especially in LA!). You’re a warrior, love your passion about music and things in general! 🙂

Comment by Milton Rodas

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