Stringing my Life Together: Purishpa takini, takishpa purini.

2009/01/24, 06:41
Filed under: Los Angeles

Whoa…so I felt my first earthquake today. Another rite of passage for living on the west coast I’m assuming…

Tara and I were eating dinner, watching Two and A Half Men repeats when all of a sudden it sounded like our upstairs neighbors jumped really hard or took a nasty fall.  Except, it ended up lasting several seconds (5-10 maybe?) and I felt my chair shake. I think we were both just stunned and didn’t react, but we didn’t have enough time to react before it stopped.

Nothing damaged, nothing fell, which was good. Going by the above website, I’m guessing Tara and I are between 2-4 miles from the epicenter of a short 3.4ML.  Yikes.

I can’t say it’s the first earthquake I’ve experienced though…there was one in Potsdam when I was a sophomore. Gio and I were in my dorm hanging out one night when I heard all of this racket. I looked outside, thinking it was a bunch of freshman goofing off throwing things around outside, but didn’t see anyone (it was also very cold and late at night). I went to school the next day and the women in the cafeteria and the janitors were telling us how their homes were shaking. Turns out I heard the cars shaking in the parking lot! For some reason though, the dorms weren’t affected.


Okay, off to do some homework.  TWO, count them, TWO concerts tomorrow.  The mariachi one at 514 S Spring St. at the Latino Culture and History museum at 2pm.  Following that, I have the Chinese New Year Celebration at 7pm in Tom Bradley International Hall (3rd floor Ballroom).  Busy couple of days but it feels great to be playing music so much again!


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