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It’s that time of the quarter…
2009/02/07, 10:47
Filed under: Los Angeles, Travel

Yep,  just like last quarter when I went MIA for a couple weeks, despite many interesting things to chat about.  Again, I will have to postpone writing about (in no particular order) the mariachi and Chinese ensemble concerts, some teaching and musical insights I have gained from these ensembles, posting photos from my birthday, the destruction of my left knee while hurrying to the bus, and the hike I did with Tara in the Santa Monica Mountains!!  So….most of January.

What I hope to update about sometime tomorrow or Sunday is my galavanting around Los Angeles with Lauren (a best friend since 5th grade!!!) who came out to see me (and brought rain with her, which is great for Los Angeles, though not so great for touring Los Angeles by foot and bus).  But we’re upstate NY girls…we tough it out in weeks straight of rain, snow, sleet, etc., so I have faith we can withstand the craziness that will ensue later today (okay okay, so I’m not so great at going to bed early…it really only started when the school schedule got crazy…I WILL go back to earlier bed times and yoga, once the knee is healed) (it is possible this trek will become a ComicLife edition!!)

Anyways, a preview of what I will be doing following just a wee-bit of sleep (Lauren is already started on her jetlag).

Mission:  The Laurenster and the Jessinator trek L.A. in a DAY (battling threatening rain, thunderstorms, and the metro bus in the name of tacky tourism!)

Itinerary (subject to change):

1. Wachovia/CVS

2. UCLA and Schoenberg music building (viewing the Bad News Bear field on the way, while riding the Green Monster: Culver City Bus #6).

3. Conquering dragons in Chinatown, via Metro#2 (the Orange Beast).

4. Off with the Red Hellion, Metro#84, to El Mercado for some mariachi sonic pleasures, guacamole, and tamales!!

5. A possible stop at Griffith Park/Observatory, with a brief confrontation with the Unhinged LADOT Griffith Shuttle.

6. Onwards to Hollywood and Grauman’s Chinese Theater after our second trip on the Orange Beast Metro #2.

7. If time and energy permit, the Westside Pavillion (because we both were big fans of clueless), after fighting off the Orange Beast and reaching the Blue Devil Boss of Santa Monica BBB #8 or #12.

Home to hang out with Tara and rest up for a Sunday in San Diego 🙂

Estimated Cost of this trip (excluding food and souvenirs): $6.85 for Lauren and $5.50 for me.  Boo-yah.  Talk about tourism on a budget 🙂


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