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Three things I learned in the last 24 hours…
2009/04/21, 02:50
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Although I’ve lived here for almost 8 months, there are times when I still feel like a clueless Nor’Easterner living in a land of palm trees…

1) In Los Angeles, you cannot purchase a transfer between a Metro city bus and another Metro city bus. Transfers are only valid for a transfer between a Metro city bus and a Municipal bus (Culver City, Santa Monica, etc.), DESPITE the fact that you can have both agency and interagency transfers with other bus lines (Culver City bus has free transfers between other CC buses and $0.25 transfers to Metro/other Municipal lines, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus has a $0.50 transfer between other SMBBBuses, Metro buses, Culver City buses, etc.) THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY ONE OF THE MOST COUNTER-INTUITIVE, ASININE THINGS I have encountered in my life. I have traveled public transportation in New York City, Austin TX, Syracuse NY, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Fuessen, Vienna, Salzburg, Venice, Rome, Mexico City, Leon Mexico, and Guanajuato Mexico…none of which ever came close to this type of a circus that L.A. public transit can be…I want to smack whoever came up with the NO AGENCY TRANSFERS BS.

2) Vending machines that are left outdoors in Los Angeles are problematic on a hot day (98 degree day). Don’t get a chocolate candy bar from them. I’ve never had this problem before because no one in their right mind has vending machines outdoors in the north east.

3) Whoever sat at the table outside next to the vending machines before me clearly had the same issue, but was a jerk and didn’t wipe up their mess. My OCD complex of snatching and hanging onto napkins and toilet paper for times like this paid off. [By the way, the far stall in the girl’s bathroom in the basement of Shoenberg Music Building has run out of toilet paper].

Okay, off to work on my paper about Marx’s <u>18th Brumaire</u>…