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Hiatus, Protests and Spain
2010/03/05, 08:55
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Sorry for the long hiatus…though I have to admit, this will probably continue until April. The last several months have been action packed and there’s lots to write about, except I need to wait until I’m done with these final papers.

Then it’s spring break travels with my friend Sierra, and we’re going to Spain. I can’t wait, because it has been four years since I was last there!! Right now, that is the light at the end of my tunnel, keeping me excited to get the work done for this quarter.

In other news, I had a grand old time participating and playing music in the education protests today. I really hope this movement gains momentum and becomes the next major Civil Rights movement in this country. We sure as hell need one.

I was here, on the left!

PS: If you ever make your own college…never use the quarter system. Oh, and learn how to fund it properly. Thank you.