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Plaza de Ponchos – Hatun Rwana Katuna-pampapi
2010/07/10, 10:27
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Just checking in, finally! The days here have been pretty busy with classes, a little sight seeing, lots of Sanjuanito music learning, and soccer! When I get a moment to use the internet, it´s every few days and just for 15 minutes here or there. Unfortunately, most of my time today was used up filling out school-related information that is necessary, but tedious.

So far, some highlights have been:
– my host family, eating, chatting, and playing music with them
– dancing, singing, eating, and drinking all night when I got here to finish the last day of the Sanjuan festival (San Pedro, also known as the Dia de las mujeres or Warmikunapak punlla/raymi). I also went to see the Warmikunapak Punlla in Cotacachi.
– Soccer…Both watching Spain kick major ass and also playing some soccer with the host family. It´s been an adjustment running at an altitude of 2500 meters (I think but don´t quote me on that). It is, however, fantastic to have Imbabura in the distance behind one goal and Cotacachi on the other.
– Getting to meet up with Luz (my Kichwa professor at school)
– The food 🙂

I will try to post some pictures and elaborate a bit on a day that I haven´t gone overtime to take care of boring school stuff 😉
Take care, Ashtakashkaman…