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B.A.D. Sushi and more travels ahead
2010/08/20, 00:29
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As usual, it is the eve before another transcontinental, 4hr+ flight, and it does not look like I will be sleeping. I am pretty much all moved into my new apartment, though the mountain of a task of unpacking will be patiently awaiting my return later in September. Just a little more cleaning in the old apartment, packing for NY, and then hopefully a couple hours of shuteye.

I know I promised pictures from Ecuador, but since I’ve been a bit pressed for time, I thought I would mention my wonderful lunch from today.

My hunger pains came quite early as I was doing last minute cleaning and hauling laundry and other odds and ends to my new apartment down the street. I decided that sushi seemed like the perfect light lunch and headed down to Santa Monica Blvd. to try this new sushi place, B.A.D. Sushi, that opened while I was away in Ecuador.

11:20am I was at the door, but it was locked! Whoops, lunch service began at 11:30. Just as I was about to walk away, one of the staff came out and unlocked the door. Man am I so glad she did.

Living near Sawtelle, there are oodles of Japanese-themed restaurants, though I have mixed feelings of the two sushi bars that are on my block.

En Sushi has decent prices for happy hour and is good if you want to feel like you’re having a night on the town. You know, dress up a bit, and have a few cocktails or glasses of sake to go with your wonderful sushi.

California Sushi Roll is better than what you’d buy at Vons, but I really don’t recommend it. It’s not that much cheaper than places like En Sushi. The rolls are too big and you HAVE to take two bites, making it a difficult and sloppy meal, not to mention the rolls I have been served there have almost always been loose and falling apart. I also feel like the ingredients aren’t quite as fresh, which can be pretty traumatic when eating raw fish.

B.A.D. Sushi, however, was fantastic! I took an Eel+Avocado roll with two sashimi avocado pieces to go.
Service was a little slow, but it was definitely due to them not being quite set-up yet. In the meantime, I was served a tall glass of ice water (at 11:30am it was already getting to be pretty toasty, so much appreciated).

The roll was put together carefully and when I got home the rice still had that hint of warmth that is so great and you can only get with the freshest of sushi. The eel was delicious, slightly crispy, and the avocado creamy.

All in all, a wonderful lunch, and I can’t wait to hit this place up again when I get back from NY.


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