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Nikon D40
2009/06/03, 07:17
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Hello again after quite some time!!

Many things have occurred since the last time I wrote…including many performances (one at Royce Hall with the mariachi group!), a trip to the east coast for the Sweetgrass conference, being harassed by both the Mounties and Homeland Security…and a crap load of work.

Though tonight, I caved and finally bought a Nikon D40 that I will use for my fieldwork this summer. I got it for a good deal, but I still feel a little shocked from dropping some $$$. I just couldn’t find what I wanted on eBay that would end at a time when I could bid competitively, so I went the refurbished route. Should be here soon…Thank you Ken Rockwell, Adorama Camera, and most of all, my friend Beto for giving me advice over and over again 🙂

Ah, next up, a camera bag, strap, and something to record music with! Handing in my revised IRB forms tomorrow…hopefully for the last time…

In 8 days, I will have more freedom…4 more papers to go and a final.

Nikon D40

Nikon D40